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MINOLTA 색채조도계 CL-200A

조도, 색좌표, 색온도 및 주파장 측정 가능한 색채조도계

Incident Chroma Meter CL-200A

미놀타 색채조도계



  • 가볍고 컴팩트한 디자인

  • 배터리 방식 구동 가능

  • 측정 헤드 분리형으로 사용 가능(부가 Accessory T-A20 및 T-A21 필요)

  • 배터리 잔량 표시

  • PC Control 가능

  • Excel에서의 손쉬운 측정 Data 관리

  • 조도, 색온도, 색좌표 및 주파장 표시

  • Chromaticity Chart를 이용한 LED Rank 측정 비교



Relative spectral response


Measurement functions

Other functions

Measuring range



Temperature drift

Humidity drift

Response time

Digital output


Operating temperature

/humidity range

Storage temperature

/humidity range

Power source

Battery life



Standard accessories

Optional accessories

Incident Chroma Meter CL-200A

Closely matches CIE standard observer curves x–(λ), y–(λ), and z–(λ)
Within 6% (f1') of the CIE spectral luminous efficiency V(λ)

Silicon photocell

XYZ, Evxy, Evu'v',Ev,Tcp,Δuv,Δ(XYZ),Δ(Evu'v'),ΔEvΔu'v'

User calibration function, Data hold function, Multi-point measurement (2 to 30 points)

0.1 to 99,990 lx, 0.01 to 9,999 fcd (Chromaticity: 5 lx, 0.5 fcd or above) in four automatically selected ranges (lx or fcd is swichable)

Ev: ±2%, ±1 digit of displayed value, 

xy: ±0.002 (800 lx, Standard Illuminant A measured)

Ev: 0.5% ±1 digit (2σ)
xy: ±0.0005

Ev: ±3%, ±1 digit of displayed value
xy: ±0.003

Ev: ±3%, ±1 digit of displayed value
xy: ±0.003

0.5 sec. (continuous measurement)

USB 2.0 full-speed

4 Significant-digit LCD with back-light illumination

-10 to 40°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation


-20 to 55°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation


2 AA-size batteries / AC adapter (optional)

72 hours or longer (when alkaline batteries are used) in continuous measurement

69 × 174 × 35mm

215g, not including batteries

Case T-A10, Cap T-A13, Neck Strap, batteries, Data Management Software CL-S10w, Connecting Cable T-A15

Receptor Head, Adapter Unit for Main Body T-A20; Adapter Unit for Receptor Head T-A21; AC Adapter AC-308 (available for 1 to 10 Receptor Heads); AC Adapter AC-311 (available for 1 to 30 Receptor Heads), Printer Cable T-A12, Hood CL-A11, Case CL-A10

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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MINOLTA CL-200A 카타로그

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