TOPCON 2D Spectroradiometer SR-5000

2D 방식의 Spectroradiometer

1376x1024 해상도의 2D Spectrum 측정 가능

2D Spectroradiometer SR-5000

2D Spectroradiometer



  • Evaluation of luminance, chromaticity, optical spectrum for LCD, OLED and related materials

  • Evaluation of emission spectrum distribution characteristics for meter of automotive, the light of interior(exterior)

  • Evaluation of visualization for color shading(concentration) of paint

  • Analysis and applications for the medical field

2D Spectroradiometer



Photo detector

Objective lens

Effective pixel

Data bit

Measurement range

Wavelength range

Spectral accuracy

Spectral band width

Wave length resolution

Linearity in luminance

Chromaticity accuracy

Repeatability Luminance


Measurement time


Power supply

Power consumption

Operating conditions

Outer dimensions



1.4M pixcel CCD image sensor

Standard lens: Focal length f=32mm

Standard+Attachment wide lens: Focal length f=24mm *1



0.5 to 5,000,000 cd/m2

380 - 780nm

±0.5nm(On Hg emission line)

7nm(Half width)


±2% *2,*3

​±0.002 *2*3*6

0.5% *2*4

0.001 *2*5

Approx. 65sec<

USB3.0/External trigger

100 to 240V AC(50/60Hz) Dedicated AC adapter(standard accessory)

Approx. 20W

Temperature: 5 to 35℃, Humidity: 85%RH and below(No condensation)

Standard type: 162x202x373mm

Wide type: 162x202x407mm

Approx. 5.5kg

*1: Standard lens + Attachment lens

*2: Standard illuminant A

*3: At the center of CCD

*4: Within 2σ

*5: Max value - Min value

*6: For reference of surface with the color glass(O-55, Y-48, A-73B, IRA-05, T-44, R-61, B-46, V-44, G-54)

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