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Dual Detector Super Range

Dual Detector Super Range Spectrometer

분광기 Dual


  • Dual Detector Super Range (DSR) for measurements from 200-2,300nm

  • Two instruments work as one updating spectral graph

  • UV-VIS detector array plus NIR-InGaAs arrays

  • Options for up to 8 channels

  • High Speed USB-2 interfaces

분광기 Dual

※ Dual Detector Super Range Spectrometer 구성은 측정 파장대역이 다른 두 개의 Spectrometer를 동시에 연결하여 200~1700nm 또는 200~2300nm 파장대역의 분광분포데이터를 한번에 측정할 수 있습니다.

​두 대의 Spectrometer의 센싱 감도 차이로 Balanced Exposure time을 설정하여 사용합니다.

Dual Spectrometer


ItemDual-DSR Instruments(Mix & Match your favorite UV-VIS + NIR spectrometers- some examples below)

DSR-BW-DS-512BLUE-Wave (VIS, CCD) plus DWARF-Star NIR-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 350-1700nm

DSR-CXR-512UVN-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus NIR-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-1700nm

DSR-UVN-1024UVN-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus NIR-1024 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-1700nm

ItemDSR instruments listed below cannot be spectroradiometrically calibrated

DSR-CXR-512XConcave grating (UV-VIS, CCD) plus NIRX-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 280-2300nm

DSR-UVN-512X2UVN-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus NIRX-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-2300nm

DSR-UVN-1024XUVN-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus NIRX-1024 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-2300nm

StellarNet Dual-Detector Super Range (DSR) spectrometer systems combine two instruments to cover the ultra violet, visible and near infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The two instruments work as one creating a unified spectral graph over the entire wavelength region, 200-2300nm. The two instruments employ both a UV-VIS detector array and NIR-InGaAs array in order to cover the entire range. 2048 element UV-VIS detector with the option of 512 or 1024 elements in the NIR. Various models allow for ranges from 200-1700, 280-1700, or 200-2300nm depending on the measurement specifications required. Like always StellarNet spectrometers are ruggedized for field or lab process measurements. A Miniature USB-Hub provides instrument PC interface. The Dual-DSR system has many applications for spectroradiometry, food and drug QA/QC, and chemical process measurements due to its ability to probe the near infrared while simultaneously measuring sample UV and color spectrum.

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