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SILVER-Nova Super Range TE Cooled Spectrometers

분광기 Silver Nova

Super Range TEC Spectrometer

  • Measurements in the 190-1100nm range

  • Resolution 1nm with 25um slit

  • Most well rounded spectrometer

  • Highest sensitivity for low light applications

  • TE Cooler for 65% increased S/N at long exposures

  • UV enhanced CCD detector with optical lens assemblies

  • New! SILVER-Nova-TEC-X2 2-stage eXtreme TEC for -30 deg cooling & 80% noise reduction


Standard Models

nm res.


nm res.


nm res.


nm res.




TEC Power:

Interface Power:

Data Transfer Speed:

Detector Integration:

Slit Size Options:

Stray Light:

Fiber Optic Input:

Operating Systems:

Software Included:

Also Free Programs For:

6 x 17 x 15.5 cm

5 VDC@1A adapter included

USB-2 = 100ma@5VDC


1 millisecond to 60s

1ms to 65s

14, 25, 50, 100, 200 um

<0.1% at 435 nm;

<0.15% at 200 nm

SMA905 0.22 na single fiber

Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10

SpectraWiz program & apps


Dynamic Range:

Resolving resolution:

Detector Type:

Detector Range:

Pixel Size:

eXtreme Gratings:

Grating type:


Order Sorting Filter:

Signal to Noise:


2000:1 with 6 decades

1nm with 25um slit

2048 pixel CCD/ TE cooled


14um x 200um

Dual Blaze @250 &1000nm

Holographic 600 line

f/4, HR-Czerny-Turner

Integrated & High Pass

1000:1 CCD


nm res.


Wavelength Range (nm)




분광기 Silver Nova

SILVER-Nova Wide Spectral Range
Comparison of SL5 Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Bulb with SILVER-Nova, BLACK-Comet-CXR-SR and BLUE-Wave-UVNb spectrometers showing SILVER-Nova wide wavelength range >200-1100nm.

분광기 Silver Nova

SILVER-Nova TE Cooled Detector
Thermoelectric cooling on the SILVER-Nova reduces the dark scan noise at large exposures. This allows for improved S/N for many low light applications such as reflectance or fluoresence.

The SILVER-Nova is the most well rounded spectrometer choice allowing research grade results for numerous spectroscopic applications over the 190-1110nm wavelength range.
Composite Grating Technology to deliver high efficiency in both the UV & NIR spectral extremes.
Superior Detector Sensitivity – The UV enhanced CCD detector with integrated TE cooler, gain enhancements, and optical lens assemblies allow for unparalleled sensitivity, with over 65% decreased noise at long exposures.
High Resolution – Advancements in SILVER-Nova optical design deliver 1nm resolution with a 25um slit. Additionally, the metal enclosure is ruggedized and compact to allow for portable, process, or laboratory environments.
Included TEC and TEC-X2 Upgrade Capability – Optical housing includes sealed and isolated detector enclosure with specialized heat sink and air flow design for added stability and cool operation. Thermoelectric detector cooling improves the stability of the detector for lengthy measurements where thermal noise can distort and override signal. Standard SILVER-Nova includes 1-stage TEC for -15 degrees and options for upgrade to the 2-stage TEC-X2 for -30 degrees below ambient; this increases instrument S/N drastically by reducing noise over 80% at long exposures.
Ruggedized –  The detachable spectrograph assembly and control electronics are protected inside a rugged metal enclosure, suitable for portable, process, lab, and field applications.
Onboard Memory with pre-set calibrations and spectrometer settings and snap shot memory to provide instantaneous spectral image from the highly sensitive CCD with 2048.
High Speed Electronic Interface can be attached directly to a computers USB port for high speed data transfer.  Options for Wifi/ethernet communication available as well as other interfaces. for more info.

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