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TOPCON Illuminance Spectrometer IM-1000

분광분포 및 연색지수 측정 가능한 분광조도계

​광도(cd) 표시 가능 조도계

Illuminance Spectrometer IM-1000




  • CRI(Color Randering Index)

  • High accuracy and reliability : Conforms to the general AA class illuminance meter (JIS C1609-1)

  • Wide range of illuminance meas. : 2-1,000,000(lux)

  • Various measurement function : continuous mode / timer mode / random mode

  • Easy meas. in the field : Handy type, Dry-cell battery, LCD with backlight

  • Application software : Standard accessory, Available for remote control and data transmission




JIS Class

Spectral method

Photo detector

Wavelength range

Wavelength resolution

Illuminance range *1

Accuracy *1

Repeatability *1*2*3

Visible-region relative spectral response characteristics: f1'

Cosine response: f2

Temperature drift: fT

Humidity drift: fH

Measurement range mode

Display modes

Measurement time *4


Interface *5

Power supply

Operating condition




Conforms to the general AA class illuminance meter
(JIS C 1609-1-2006)

LVF (Linear Variable Filter)  *Made by Topcon

Silicone photo diode array

380 - 780nm


2 - 1,000,000 lx

Ev : ±2% ±1digit

xy : ±0.0020 (50 lx or more)    xy : ±0.0035 (10-50 lx)
xy : ±0.0050 (5-10 lx)

Ev :±0.5% +1digit

xy:0.0020 (50 lx or more)     xy:0.0035 (5-50 lx)

2% or less

3% or less

within ±3% ( -10 - 40℃ with 23℃ as reference)

within ±3% (without drew condensation)

AUTO (full/first/adjust),  MANUAL

XYZ,  Ev,  xy,  u'v',  Dominant wavelength (λd),
Excitation purity (Pe),
Correlated color temperature (Tcp),  Color-rendering index (Ra)
Special color-rendering (R1-R15),  Spectral graph
⊿(XYZ),  ⊿(Ev, xy),  ⊿(Ev, u'v')

Approx. 0.2sec *Manual mode : 100ms / STR2 command use
Approx. 0.5 - 50sec *Auto meas. range

LCD with backlight 128×64dots, Backlight ON/OFFfunction

RS-232C, Wireless LAN

Nickel hydride AA battery×4 / Exclusive AC adapter (option)
Battery life : Approx. 7 hours  *when new and full of charge

Temperature : -10 - 40℃,
Humidity : 85% or less with no condensation

70(W)×250(D)×78(H) mm, *Without beam detector cap and power SW

640g  *Include battery

※ 표준 광A, 자동 측정 레인지
※ 조도Ev 10회 연속 측정시 2σ
※ 색도xy 10회 연속 측정시 최대값-최소값
※ 원격 명령을 사용하는 경우 PC사양 및 사용 환경에 따라 측정 시간이 느려질 수 있음 
※ 본 기는 일본의 기술 기준 무선 LAN 모듈을 내장하여 일본 이외의 국가 또는 지역에서는무선랜 사용 불가함. 일본 이외의 국가에서 사용하는 경우 항상 무선LAN기능을 OFF 할 것

TOPCON IM-1000 카타로그

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